Promethean Learning - Create a log-in and take the free Level 1 - Foundation Skills Course which has been developed to introduce the main features of the Activstudio software which is used with Promethean boards. The training will be worth six flex hours and will go towards April 25th flex day. As soon as everyone is completed with this Foundation Skills Course, we will have a trainer from Promethean available for a day of training. Please print out your certificate when you have completed the Level 1-Foundation Skills Course and give it to Shawn. View the "How to" video on how to enroll in the Promethean course and why to take it. Video done using Activstudio!

Promethean Planet - Free online resource center providing educators from around the globe the ability to share new and innovative lessons, and to access an abundance of learning resources for immediate use with the Activclassroom teaching solution.

Promethean World - Site which has company information and products available from Promethean.

Look at sample flipcharts created by some of the CFF coaches.